160809 22:35 (UTC+8) Our network in Beijing racks is being cut down by ISP due to abuse, it may caused by police request. No more details from ISP currently.

160810 21:10 (UTC+8) We called ISP for details, but still no useful information, possible reason is some vpn clients did something illegal takes police's attention or ISP cut down our line on 'some agent''s request. The server may down for few days, we are preparing another DC in case we can not resume Beijing network in a week.

160812 14:05 (UTC+8) We get some information from the network team leader finally let us know what's going on. ChinaUnicom is doing inspection in this month, which included some request form police, some customers in Beijing DC is running VPN business which is marked as high risk to ISP so they decide to cut down our line. If we continue running the service, police may take over the server due to abuse activities on the IPs.

After discussed with ISP manager, we are pretty sure we cannot get the link back in next few weeks, which means we have to move all things in Beijing. Maybe we can get the Beijing location again in next few months, but impossible for now.

160812 18:00 (UTC+8) We have confirmed the moving of Beijing DC, we'll shutdown all servers and remove from DC on this Sunday (2016-08-14), this will avoid our hardware and data lose (Before police want to take them over).

Currently the Shenzhen DC, Tianijn DC we are running do not have enough IPs to host Beijing clients, Shenzhen DC is working on this, also we have contacted a new ISP, located in Wuwei, Gansu, China, based on CMCC dedicated line, should have pretty good international bandwidth. More details will be updated on next Monday.

160814 11:00 (UTC+8) We have shutdown and removed all servers form Beijing rack, the servers will be transfer to our Beijing office for further transport.

160815 12:00 (UTC+8) We have confirmed Shenzhen do not have enough IPs currently, now preparing the Wuwei, Gansu DC, the hardware will be transport to Wuwei in 3 days.

160816 16:00 (UTC+8) Wuwei DC is getting problem on IP block assignment, we are working on it, server hardware sending will delay.

160817 14:00 (UTC+8) Shenzhen DC just get some available blocked, already assigned to our rack, we are preparing the transport of VPS nodes to Shenzhen, few dedicated server client may delay.

160818 11:00 (UTC+8) The new IPs in Shenzhen assigned, we are transporting the VPS nodes to Shenzhen DC, expecting the servers arrive new DC on next Monday (160822).

160819 16:30 (UTC+8) The Wuwei DC replied us the details of IP assignment requirement, we should able to get the IPs on next week, server transport will be schedule on this weekend.

160820 13:30 (UTC+8) The dedicated servers is now transporting to Wuwei DC, expecting the servers arrive on 2016-08-24.

160821 14:30 (UTC+8) The VPS nodes arrived Shenzhen DC, we'll get the server and VPS online soon, all VNC access should be provided in 2 days.

160822 11:30 (UTC+8) The VPS nodes cannot boot to OS properly due to PCI slot and RAID card broken during transporting, all data should be fine as HDDs and SSDs are working.

160822 14:00 (UTC+8) We have ordered new accessories from DELL, should be replaced in 2 days.

160824 15:20 (UTC+8) The RAID card received, and we have replaced the RAID card for data store server, but the RAID configuration cannot be imported may caused by advance feature problem, we decide to get a new card from LSI. The new RAID card should be arrive DC in 36 hours.

160825 17:00 (UTC+8) The RAID card from LSI received, already replaced, all RAID configuration imported properly, no any data loss, server booting OK, but network is unavailable due to routing problem, ISP is working on it.

160825 14:00 (UTC+8) Wuwei CMCC team decided to get our dedicated line set in Lanzou DC, IP should be assigned in tomorrow, server expected online on next Monday(160829).

160825 22:10 (UTC+8) The Shenzhen network routing problem fixed, server nodes online, we are now preparing emails to clients for VNC access and new IP configuration.

160826 03:45 (UTC+8) All VPS online, VNC information has sent to clients.

160826 15:00 (UTC+8) Dedicated server equipments arrived Wuwei, hardware test passed, waiting for Lanzhou DC assign IPs. 

160828 14:30 (UTC+8) IP addresses assigned, server is online in Lanzhou rack, but due to routing problem, we need transport our router and fiber module. We expect the routing get ready in 3 days.

We'll keep update this announcement once there's any news about this.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

SakuraServer CN Team

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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