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How to connect your VPS via VNC

Sometimes, your VPS might be unavailable to connect via RDP/SSH due to network config or VPN, open a ticket for hard reboot may resolve the problem.
Also, in that case, you can request our support team enable VNC for you, then you can connect your VPS via VNC and re-config or reboot your VPS.
Our support team will provide you following information after enabled VNC for you:
VNC Host: ??
Password: ????
Then, you can connect your VPS via VNC, we recommend a free soft VNCViewer which can be downloaded at:
After open the VNCViewer, you'll know the next steps, if you see nothing except a black screen of your VPS, just move your mouse or input any key IN the black screen(Which means you need click the black screen first), the screen will wake up in seconds.

If the programs just quit after you click the 'Connect', choose the 'Best quality' in 'Options'.

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