Mar 26th Email Delivery Problem. Fixed

  200326 Currently our billing server provider can not delivery all emails properly, we are still looking into this. The support ticket reply may delay since our staff may not noticed by email. In case the provider cannot fix this, we'll schedule provier change in next week. Also customer may miss some email notification. All customer can check ... Read More »

Mar 22nd [SS-GSWW DC] CMCC network down. Fixed


200323 0020 (UTC+8) Currently the CMCC network in our Gansu Wuwei DC is down due to ISP problem, we have to wait for the ISP engineer reply. The progress may delay to Monday.

200323 0830 (UTC+8) The CMCC network resumed. All server back online.


We are sorry for any inconvenience.


SakuraServer CN Support Team

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