May 25th [SS-SZ] SZ03 VPS Node Potential Risk and Migration. Completed

  Dear customers,   We noticed a disk failure on SZ03 VPS node yesterday, it resulted the RAID array degraded, but data not affected. However, further disk failure in this RAID array will cause data lose.   The SZ03 node has been running without problem for 910 days. Considering the SZ03 node is based on very old hardware, we decided not ... Read More »

Jan 15th New Service - Port Forwarding Service online now

Dear Customer,     As you may know, for most ISPs in China, the international access is slow and unstable. To imporve the connection from oversea area to Chinese server/IP, we are now providing the port forwarding service(PF Service).   The PF service will forward your traffic on the port(s) you selected via special peer, which is much ... Read More »

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