Dear customers,


We noticed a disk failure on SZ03 VPS node yesterday, it resulted the RAID array degraded, but data not affected. However, further disk failure in this RAID array will cause data lose.


The SZ03 node has been running without problem for 910 days. Considering the SZ03 node is based on very old hardware, we decided not replace the failure disk, but migrate all VMs to another node.


The migration progress will be started in 48 hours, each VM may offline for 10-30 minutes, depends on your VM data size. 


In case your VM getting problem after migration, please contact our support.


Thank you!


Update: The migration completed, only 1 VM didn't pass fsck, but OS can boot, we've sent message to related client.


SakuraServer Support Team

Thursday, May 25, 2023

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